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5: 55 DVD


Intimate,Delicious And Disgusting

The associative relationship between body and food is some of the main elements in my art work, both when I work with installations and video. I use materials such as butter, milk, cream, sausage, wax and blood. In the video INTIMATE, DELICIOUS AND DISGUSTING the bed is a basis of a saturate atmosphere, food in the bed, eating in the bed, sleepiness , memory’s from the childhood, care and maternity. The progress of this work starts in 1999. I invited 10 women to play with a body part and a food element; I photographed them, like a documentary of the occasional event. INTIMATE, DELICIOUS AND DISGUSTING is a video made in 2003 based on stills from this project.

Utgangspunktet for videoen er en lek med det assosiative forholdet mellom mat og kropp og/eller objekter som er nært knyttet til kroppen.

Intimate, delicious and disgusting de Guri Guri Henriksen (Norvège, 2003) 5’55 Une artiste qui s’intéresse aux relations entre le corps et la nourriture. Ici, le théâtre des opérations est le lit. Dix femmes ont été invitées à jouer avec une partie de leur corps et un ingrédient culinaire. Elles furent photographiées. Ces images sont la base de cette vidéo.


Bilder fra utstilling, videomønstring USF-Verft, Bergen 2005


Bilder fra utstilling, videomønstring USF-Verft, Bergen 2005


Bilde fra Aout-video festivalen, i flere russiske byer

Intimate: Projects
Intimate: Projects
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