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vist på mange filmfestivaler og gruppeutstillinger i 2004/2005

In 2003 I participated in a ”Digital Workshow” at the Munch Museum together with 8 other artists. We were to use pieces of Munch’s as a basis for own works. On this occation I initiated a work in which I used pieces from the series of paintings called The green room as a stepping stone. Their common feature is that a man and/or a woman is/are present in an oppressive, theatrical room with a narrow door in the background. The furnitures in the room are a sofa and a round table with its endplate directed towards the viewer. On the table there are some glasses and bottles and it seems that the man and woman are focusing more on these things than on one another. Their glances do not meet. The table functions as an insuperable barrier which defines their relationship.  On this background I began to work on a video animation in which I describe or indicate events in a relationship between two people, without including them, by tracing the movements of things. How to describe a situation, a sequence of events through the dynamics of objects? How to animate objects, yet allowing something of their common use to remain? The intention is not to convey a precise story, but rather to give the spectator an impetus to make his own. It will last 2:24 minutes according to the soundtrack Milonga des mis amores (P.Laurenz) 1944. Milonga appeared earlier than tango and had more simple steps in a much quicker rhythm. While dancing Milonga you cannot retard like in tango. In Milonga the tango drama is replaced by a livelier, happier and steady rhythm. The title of the video animation is “A Milonga”. 

Fra videofestivalen out-video som var i flere byer i Russland

En kortversjon av "En milonga" var med på skjermer ute i bytrafikken i to Russiske byer i videofestivalen "Out video".

En milonga: Projects
"En Milonga"
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En milonga: Projects
En milonga: Projects
En milonga: Projects

Fra nettkatalogen til Østlandsustillingen 2010

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